Biological honey

Honey, olive oil, wine and salami

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Biological honey   italian wine   Some italian wine
Biological olive oil   Cold pressed olive oil   Close-up of the extra-virgin olive oil bottle

The products grown and raised on our farm


We produce organic honey with full respect for its organoleptic and alimentary qualities, there fore obtaining a concentrated burst of health and nutrition, perfect for giving you that energy boost at breakfast for a lovely walk in our woods or protect you from the cold of winter. The one kilogramme jar decorates Christmas baskets or can be an ideal gift at any time of year, for yourselves or for others! We can also send them to anywhere you like....

Extra Virgin Olive Oil

Our delicious extra virgin olive oil comes from the olive trees that dot our property. It is cold pressed in the same way olives have always been pressed here on the farm. Each and every bottle contains the fruit of our earth, ready to be used at the dinner table to enrich the flavours of the most elaborate dishes as well as the simplest of salads. You can try it at dinner in our restaurant, perhaps on a hot crispy bruschetta… The quality and genuine taste of olive oil is guaranteed by the organic philosophy on which our farm is based. We can also have it delivered to anywhere you like....


We farm our pigs with the greatest respect for their health and well being. The products we reap from them are worked at an authorised establishment in which we have always placed our full faith, a few kilometres from the farm. Delicious prosciutto, fine flavoured salami, traditional capocollo and high quality sausages made in the traditional manner, full of flavour and nutrients, are the result of this collaboration. The establishment is a modern one, fully certified with all of its health certification in perfect order, and on our farm we apply the organic philosophy to our daily work. We can have any of these products delivered to your home...

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