Good and healthy eating

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The restaurant, viewed from the entry   Some tables and the bar   An example of our menu
The reception   Viewed from the top   The entry of the restaurant

The restaurant

Tables at our restaurant can be reserved for either lunch or dinner.

We also serve breakfast there, which is included in the room rate here: freshly made croissants, jam, toast, coffee, cappuccino and tea.

In this recently restructured rustic ambience we offer dishes from the local tradition.

The meals are prepared with loving care by the family and we use both our home-grown produce, as well as items supplied by local farmers who are, like us, more concerned with the quality than the quantity of their output.

You can choose from the fixed mený or a la carte. Mind you, we do not offer many dishes, because each one deserves the time and care it takes to prepare it and we believe it is better to use seasonal products.

This does not mean, however, that if you have a special request that we wonít do our best to satisfy it.

Try out our delightful salami, the delicious grilled meats, the fresh organic produce from the farm and wash it down with a glass of local wine.

Satisfaction is guaranteed!

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