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The working farm, tipical products

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The working farm

In the true spirit of a real agriturismo the estate covers about 123 acres, half of which is woods and the other half agriculture and animal farming.

The stalls, barn and tractor sheds are on the property but far enough away so as not to bother guests. Children can come and see the animals they have learned about and watch with marvelled eyes the magical world of a real farm.

We produce cereals, grow fruit and vegetables, make organic honey and raise pigs and courtyard animals. It being a farm, the results are delicious prosciutto, salami, capocollo and sausages made in an authorised establishment with which we have a long and fine association. There products can all be found at meal times in the cosy restaurant.

And because the Longetti agriturismo is a REAL agriturismo, we are able to offer our guests genuine seasonal products of the land. The same ones we ourselves enjoy eating and drinking.

We invite you to savour our home made prosciutto, the aromatic capocollo and the lean pork loin steaks. Our wine is perfect with a simple snack or a full meal.

We feed our animals the cereals we grow, and make organic honey with the philosophy that quality is always more important than quantity.

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